Fundraising Guidelines

//Fundraising Guidelines
Fundraising Guidelines2018-06-08T09:28:05-04:00

Financial Contribution Information Sheet

Thank you for considering financial support for the Mike Wallace Campaign

The maximum contribution is $1200.00

All donations must be by personal cheque, or by personal credit card

All donations must include the full name of the donor and their home address

The person signing the cheque or using their credit card is the donor

All contributions must be made out to the Mike Wallace Campaign


The receipt is not for income tax receipt purposes

Our campaign is only accepting donations from individuals who live in Burlington and are eligible to vote in the October 22 Municipal Election with the exception of family and friends of Mike Wallace who live outside of Burlington

Donations can be mailed to: 268 Tuck Drive, Burlington Ont. L7L 2R1

The maximum total anyone can contribute to all candidates in a municipal jurisdiction (ie. City of Burlington) is $5000.00

Any questions – email us at