Why We Like Mike

This is an important election for Burlington. We are growing and changing, quickly. That’s why we need a steady, experienced and strong leader. A leader with a proven track record of working actively and collaboratively with the people of this community and other levels of government to get the results we need. It’s the only way we will grow into the city we all want Burlington to be. That’s why We Like Mike.

Here’s what Mike will deliver

A Livable City

  • Community planning that manages our growth without losing our character.
  • Integrated development that builds on our strengths and reflects our culture
  • Infrastructure and transportation planning that delivers results and manages your money

An Engaged City

  • Ensure the voices of everyone in our community are being heard
  • Create a culture that pulls us closer together rather than pushing us apart
  • Offer more opportunities for outreach, feedback and transparency

A Proactive City

  • Revitalize our leadership so we can become the city we want, not what the province wants
  • Search for and find more employment opportunities here for everyone
  • Action, action, action: spend less time talking and more time doing

Mike’s Policy Platform

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